smtp25@gmail.com commented 16 days ago How much hands on time is there of the hour? Like with hot stones they are sometimes left on, is it the same with banana leaves?
Louise from GrabOne commented 16 days ago Hi there, thanks for your discussion board post! The team at Bamboo Spa Takapuna will be online shortly to assist here. If you would like to contact the merchant directly, you can do so by using the contact information on the deal page. Thanks!
Princess Abigail Loninia commented 16 days ago The massage session is 60mins. Approximately 54mins massage as other minutes is for the foot soak, tea and warm towel to remove body your body oil. While the Banana leaves or cupping is in your upper back, we massage your legs and thigh so there's no dull moment. It's worth your money. :) Give it a try.
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