Ann Beaumont commented about 1 month ago Can I buy a $80 for two people?
Chris from GrabOne commented about 1 month ago Hi Ann,
One voucher is valid for ­number of people stipulated on the coupon. In this instance, the $80 voucher is for four people.
Maureen Paine commented about 1 month ago Can I use the voucher for 6 for 5 adults and 2 children under 10?
Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 month ago Hey Maureen; that option is valid for six people. You can contact the Cleaver and Co Team on (09) 827 5944 for details on additional diners :)

Emma from GrabOne commented 13 days ago Thanks for your interest in this deal! The GrabOne office is closed for the Christmas break. We have a skeleton crew available by email only on December 27 & 28 and January 3 & 4, however, we will not be able to monitor and answer discussion board questions.

We recommend you carefully review the details and conditions of the deal as often the answers are found there. Alternatively, you may like to contact the merchant directly. If none of these options leads you to the answer, you can contact us via the contact us page here: https://www.grabone.co.nz/contact-us and we will respond as soon as we're able to.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!
Shismeng Cai commented 10 days ago What if I have 3 people, could i use the $40 for $80 voucher? Thanks
Sumit Luis commented 9 days ago Hi,

Can you please re-confirm the number of people for the $160 voucher? Proportionately,
if you look at the $80 voucher, the $160 voucher would have to be for at least 8 people. Please advise. Thanks, Sumit

$40 for a $80 voucher for four
$80 for a $160 voucher for six
Emma from GrabOne commented 9 days ago Hey Shismeng; the $40 for a $80 is valid for four people on this occasion :)

We're just double check the numbers now Sumit :)
Sumit Luis commented 9 days ago Thanks Emma, so I'd presume then $80 for a $160 voucher should actually be valid for 8 people if you work that out proportionately?
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 days ago Hi Sumit; we've had it confirmed that the $80 for a $160 voucher is definitely valid for 6 people on this occasion :)
Jason Tutara commented 8 days ago We have 4 adults and 1 child (4yrs old) do we purchase the 4 or 6 person voucher?
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 days ago Hey Jason,

You can use the four person voucher for the adults and then order and pay separately for the little one :)

Emma from GrabOne commented 2 days ago Hi there,

Just to confirm that the $20 for $40 voucher is valid for two people only :)
Sam Taylor commented about 9 hours ago We have the $80.00 voucher for 4 people but we will now only have 3 people. Will they accept the voucher or best to not try and use it?
Emma from GrabOne commented about 7 hours ago Hey Sam; you will need four people to make use of that voucher.

You can get in touch with our team at helpdesk@grabone.co.nz should you need any further help at all :)