Christabelle Rodricks commented 23 days ago Is this coupon valid for HOYTS LUX, D-BOX, 3D and/or Xtremescreen movie sessions only or for the regular regular sessions as well?
Chantelle Le Breton commented 22 days ago if i buy 4 can i use these at the same time for me and my friends? or is this a redeem 1 at a time type deal?
Emma from GrabOne commented 22 days ago Hi there!

Just to advise an upgrade fee will be applied for any HOYTS LUX, D-BOX, 3D and/or Xtremescreen movie session.

You are welcome to purchase multiple coupons and redeem at the same time

jiehui xu commented 19 days ago will the exp date extend as the lockdown? thanks.
Louise from GrabOne commented 19 days ago Hi there, thanks for your discussion board post! We understand there are uncertainties regarding the validity of your coupon. Please rest assured, that GrabOne will be working alongside our NZ business partners to ensure there is enough time in the year to use your coupon. Thanks! :)
Alka Maurya commented 9 days ago Can I buy these tickets for a birthday party for kids?
Louise from GrabOne commented 9 days ago Hi there Alka, thanks for getting in touch! Sure! please know that there is a purchase limit here - 10 for yourself an 10 as a gift. Thanks! :)