Samantha Fisher commented 11 days ago Dose the price include delivery or is this on top of the price for the voucher?
Denise Lassen commented 11 days ago Hi Grabone,
I am disappointed to see that the deal STILL says '... receive your box free of delivery charges...' in the 2nd to last paragraph of the 'About Hello Fresh' section, even though they DO charge a delivery fee (and a surcharge on top of that to Christchurch).
I have contacted you now 3 times about this, and Hello Fresh as well. I see that you have received several comments and questions from other people about it too (the deal has been on and off a couple of times now and the comments have been reset).
Please get it corrected as it is confusing and misleading. Thanks .....
Kerry Nash commented 11 days ago Hi Hello Fresh, Just wondering why you can only purchase this deal if you are a new customer? Do you ever have any deals for your already existing customers? It would be nice to get a deal every now and then for the families already supporting you. Just a thought.....:)
Bruce James commented 7 days ago Family Box for 5 meals - 1 week is $94.80
But Family Box 5 meals - 2 weeks is $229.80

Surely 2 weeks would be $189.6 or less?
Emma from GrabOne commented 7 days ago Apologies for the delay here everyone

We are following up on these queries for you all
Michelle Rogers commented 6 days ago Hi Hellofresh, I tried to order for Christchurch and received an email saying we do not deliver to your area as yet but will let you now when we do. This add is misleading and says" Valid for delivery in the North Island and Christchurch delivery only.New customers only - limit of 1 voucher per person/household.' When you click on the list for delivery areas Christchurch is not on the list. Please update your add so Christchurch residents don't purchase and then can't use. If they can and Christchurch deliveries are available then you need to update your list.
Emma from GrabOne commented 4 days ago Hi Everyone- just to confirm that Christchurch delivery is available for this deal - some areas are not covered but if you sign up and enter your address on the HelloFresh website you'll be able to check if you can receive deliveries.

There is a charge for Christchurch delivery areas and we have updated the deal page to make this really clear now to avoid any future confusion

The prices vary dependant on options are not always an exact double of the smaller options - the discount is noted on each option however so you can see how much you are saving.

Have a great weekend everyone :)