Rachael Pollard commented 29 days ago Roughly how many trees can be cut down in 4 hrs?
Dillon from GrabOne commented 27 days ago Hi Rachael, the Property Surgeon team will be online soon to advise :)
Celane Porter commented 25 days ago Hi there. When does the 2 or 4 hours start ... is it from the time you actually commence work at the property or do you include the travel time in that please?
Dillon from GrabOne commented 23 days ago Hi Calene, the 2 or 4 hour work starts from the time the work commences at the property.
serene wong commented 22 days ago The pre job visit is done prior to booking for an appointment to do the job or at/during the job is being done?
Emma from GrabOne commented 22 days ago Hey Serene; we've contacted the merchant and they'll be online as soon as they can to help you further. Their team can also be reached on 021 0283 9069 with any other queries :)