Jo Wong commented 26 days ago The terms say bookings essential. Do we have to book ....ie, can’t you just rock up with a voucher?
Tyne Berryman commented 26 days ago Hi I’ve pirchased 3 tickets we are planning on coming up Friday 31st May this is the day the voucher expires can we still use this day please? Do we have to book or just come thank you
Melinda from The Burger Bach commented 26 days ago Sorry for the confusion folks. We're updating that now. Bookings are not required. Yes, Tyne, you can use the coupon on the last day of expiry (it is valid until the standard close time on that day.)
Cara Framhein commented 25 days ago Hi, just want to check that the $49 pass allows children in the kidz kingdom & the AA drivers town? Thanks
Louise from GrabOne commented 24 days ago Hi Cara, you're correct! This isn't a restriction in the conditions of the deal.
Lucy Jiang commented 16 days ago Hi there, can I use the $10 voucher on food in the park? Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 14 days ago Absolutely Lucy!

You're more than welcome to use the voucher towards food and drink to fuel up before you take on your next attraction :)

Have a great time!