camilla lehn-pedersen commented 14 days ago Hi there, can I bring my 8 month old baby and 3 year old? Are they free? I’m thinking of buying one ticket for me and my mum but I’ll also have my 2 kids. Cheers
Emma from GrabOne commented 14 days ago Hey Camilla; thanks for getting in touch!

You can check out the costs for children via the link below :)

stacey.carpenter.1012@gmail.com commented 12 days ago Does the 2 for 1 deal not extend to children tickets?
Emma from GrabOne commented 11 days ago Hi there; child tickets are $19 each so if you are looking for entry for yourself and one child it'll still work out best to grab this offer :)
Lisa Davies commented 10 days ago Hello. Is there use of a wheelchair I could hire ?
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 9 days ago Hi Lisa, the Sculptureum & Rothko team will be online shortly to advise :)
Louise from GrabOne commented 9 days ago Hi Lisa, The Sculptureum has wheelchairs which are complimentary for use. Just email them ahead of time with your expected arrival date and time to secure it. Tickets@sculptureum.net. :)
marie sauvary commented 2 days ago Do you offer an option for three people. Thanks
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 2 days ago Hi Marie, the only deal options we have available are:
$39 for two people
$78 for four people
$117 for six people
$156 for eight people
$195 for ten people

Sorry for any inconvenience here.