mr gr commented about 1 month ago Conditions say valid for online orders only. Please explain?
Emma from GrabOne commented 30 days ago Hi there! Great to see you're looking at grabbing this offer.

Just to confirm the deal is valid for online orders only. You will just need to redeem your coupon after purchase at the link below :)


Sarah McSheffrey commented 30 days ago I’m confused too. It says NOT valid at a bunch of stores but that just means you have to order online and you can still collect from any store? Eg Centre Place, Hamilton? Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 29 days ago Hi Sarah; just to confirm you are not able to use your vouchers for the stores excluded in the conditions - the vouchers will not be accepted in store for these locations if you ordered online.

Please let us know if we can help any further at all :)
Aston Pldg commented 29 days ago A bit confused, if we order online there no option to redeem the voucher number it mean we have have to payf first for the order, aren't we?
Emma from GrabOne commented 28 days ago Hi Aston,

You will find that when you redeem online there is an option to enter your voucher code before completing your order so the balance will be taken down to $0 :)