deb Hudson commented 28 days ago Hi. Is a co-pilot allowed, for the purchase of one? as in, can my daughter sit in the other seat, while I am the pilot, with the joystick?
Deb Ryburn commented 28 days ago I also want to ask the same question as DEB above. Also how clear are the graphics? Some can be less than good so 10 minutes is as long as you'd want to be doing it for. Are your graphics AMAZING or just GOOD. As soon as I know I will buy the deal. Thanks.
Deb Ryburn commented 28 days ago Hey DEB HUDSON, I just clicked on their website & read the feedback. Looks like you get the instructor & you can have somebody sitting behind you & enjoying the ride too ;)
deb Hudson commented 28 days ago Awesome, thanks Deb. Hopefully they come back to us soon and confirm this, and then I will buy ;)
Deb Ryburn commented 28 days ago Yeah, me too. Looks like a lot of fun!
Emma from GrabOne commented 28 days ago Afternoon Deb and Deb!

Thanks for your interest in this one; looks like a great experience!

The merchant will be online soon to provide all the details for you :)
Herman from Virtual Flight New Zealand commented 28 days ago Hi Deb and Deb.

There are two seats behind the pilot and co-pilot seat that can be used by "Passengers" So you can bring your friend with you and enjoy the flight.

Now, the display for the 180 degrees surround view is 12,000 pixels by 1,400 pixels. If you go to my website and look at the slide show at the top you can see how clear the surround view images are.

So far I had nobody complain about the clarity in the simulator, I had however a lot of praises about the views.