trish Mcginty commented 4 days ago just bought 2 vouchers (15th June) and now notice that the expiry is 3rd June?
we are coming to Taupo in October, can we still use these vouchers?

Nick Johansson commented 4 days ago Just noticed that the expiry date is two weeks ago. Does that need to be updated?
Rosalea from GrabOne commented 3 days ago Hi, Thanks for your questions! Due to system bug, these dates were incorrectly updated. This should be fixed by the end of today and the correct dates will be loaded. Apologies for any inconvenience! You can contact us via the helpdesk if you have any further questions regarding this issue.
Lynda Martin commented 3 days ago I had a similar question, but have not yet bought the vouchers. The expiry date is now 30 June 2021 - is this now correct?
Louise from GrabOne commented 2 days ago Hi there Lynda, this is correct. Thanks! :)
trish Mcginty commented 2 days ago can i still use these vouchers in October?
Rosalea from GrabOne commented 2 days ago Hi Trish, Thanks for reaching out. These vouchers expire on June 30th 2021, you are unable to redeem them after expiry.