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Rosalea from GrabOne commented 2 days ago Hi, Thanks for your questions. The Free Movie Of The Week Ticket is only available on select titles each week so will only appear on the ticket page as a ticket option. You can find the MOTW on the Hoyts website. Please see the coupon for a link to this page.
Paul Moreton commented 2 days ago The offer says "incl. 1 x Movie Of The Week Ticket". So why are many of us having issues in accessing it" When it clearly says its included and then are asked to pay for it. How is that "included"? Please advise.
Louise from GrabOne commented 1 day ago Hi everyone!

Thank you for your discussion board posts! We understand a few customers are confused regarding the free movie ticket of the week portion of the coupon.

We are gathering more information for you now from Hoyts to assist you here - once we have more information we will be back on here to advise.

Thanks for your patience. :)
Louise from GrabOne commented 1 day ago Hello everyone - I have more information for you surrounding the MOTW.

The MOTW is FREE as part of the VIP access through us and has a value of $10, this is a one-off offer and only available once. More information surrounding where to locate this is provided in the redemption instructions on the coupon after purchase.

If you have any more questions, please do let us know or get in touch with the GrabOne helpdesk team directly.